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New Patients

Welcome to our practice! There are some things you can do that will make us more effective in helping you get better and allowing us to better answer all your questions. Please fill out your patient-related forms. If you have not had any prior evaluation, studies or treatment for your condition then see the above “what to bring to your office visit” section. If you have had any prior evaluation or treatment for your condition, we need you to do some homework to get us your information.

Please bring pertinent X-rays, MRI and lab work (if done). With X-rays and MRI, please do not have the films sent or mailed to us (they never seem to arrive). Rather, you will need to go to the facility where they were taken and pick them up. Please check that the correct films are in the folder and that they are actually your films (mistakes do happen and this will save you a second trip). Also it is very important for you to have the reports of your X-rays and MRI sent to us. They can be FAX’d to us at 610.449.9814 or you can bring the reports, along with the films, to your visit. If the studies are over 5 years old, then they are less likely to help us and you don’t need to get them. If you have had prior surgery then we will need your op report which can be obtained from your surgeon or sometimes from the hospital or surgi-center where your surgery took place. Records from prior treating physicians are also helpful.

The more information we have, the better position we are in to help you. Also please check the “what to bring to your office visit” section and if there are any additional questions, contact us.

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