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The Knee

The knee is one of the most remarkable architectural designs found in nature. Complex as it mixes mobility with stability. Amazing in the pounding it takes year after year, mile after mile. Yet it has its vulnerabilities. Injuries, deformities, arthritis and pain are seen in the knee joint more often than just about any joint in the body. In the recent past we have see tremendous advances in not only the understanding of how the knee functions (anatomy and biomechanics link) but also in the prevention, care and treatment of knee disorders.

Once you become familiar with the anatomy of the knee, it is easy to understand that almost any of the internal workings or mechanisms can malfunction or become damaged or injured. Knee problems can occur at any age, but the types of knee problems that occur varies in different age groups. For example, younger children and adolescents, tend to have more patellar or knee cap problems. Adults have more problems with meniscal tears, chondral defects (Localized damage to the joint surface or articular cartilage), and arthritis. Ligament tears, common in athletes, are occurring in younger and younger individuals. Having said all that, I can also tell you that almost any ailment can occur to anyone at almost any age.

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