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Referral Network

Not all physical therapy and rehabilitation is created equal. In my many years experience I have found some facilities that truly excel at getting you back in the game, the playground, the gym or in the enjoyment of life itself. Athletes and patients in the vicinity of my Havertown , PA office are usually sent to the following physical therapy sites managed by Premier Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine:

Manoa Physical Therapy
525 West Chester Pike

Havertown, PA , 19083

Phone: 610-449-8400

Ridley Physical Therapy
501 McDade Blvd.

Folsom, PA , 19033

Phone: 610-586-7000

Upland Physical Therapy
CCMC, One Medical Ctr Blvd. Suite 320

Upland, PA , 19013

Phone: 610-874-9710

Broomall Physical Therapy
2004 Sproul Rd.

Broomall, PA , 19008

Phone: 610-359-1580

West Chester Physical Therapy
1161 McDermott Dr.

West Chester, PA , 19380

Phone: 484-356-9401

Kennett Square Physical Therapy
400 McFarlan Rd.

Kennett Square, PA , 19380

Phone: 610-925-4901

Brinton Lakes Physical Therapy
Crozer Medical Plaza, 300 Evergreen Dr. Suite 220

Glen Mills, PA , 19342

Phone: 610-579-3650

Media Physical Therapy
200 East State Street suite 108

Media, PA , 19063

Phone: 484-444-0820


Throughout the nation there are many excellent physical therapy sites that can assist you when physical therapy and rehabilitation is needed. NovaCare is a rehabilitation company with a national network of first class facilities with highly skilled, experienced physical therapist. For years NovaCarehas helped many of my patients from all over the region and country. Click here to find a site near you.


Just like physicians are specialized, so too are some physical therapists. For example, for many years I have worked with high level and professional dancers from around the country. The physical demands of dance are quite unique as are the injuries and rehabilitation techniques. Injured dancers in the vicinity of my office are usually sent to:

Julie Green, LPT

230 W. Washington Square 5th Floor

Philadelphia, PA , 19106

Phone: 215-829-7025

Erica Fletcher, LPT

Two Bala Plaza, Suite 603

Bala Cynwyd, PA , 19004

Phone: 610-639-6589

Marika Molnar, LPT

DBA Westside Dance Physical Therapy
53 Columbus Avenue, Suite 4

New York, NY , 10023

Phone: 212-541-8450

Sean Gallagher, LPT / Greg Taylor, LPT

Performing Arts Physical Therapy
311 West 43rd Street, Suite 405

New York, NY , 10036

Phone: 212-245-7278

Tennis Anyone?

I am an avid tennis player and over the years have enjoyed treating and advising all levels of tennis players, from hackers to professionals. Like dancers, tennis players get many unique injuries and ailments that are very specific to the biomechanics and demands of their sport. To get tennis players better, and keep them better and playing at their best, a thorough tennis related analysis and treatment plan is usually required. When my tennis players require therapy, I utilize the Premier Orthopaedic sites mentioned above and also:

Joseph Zarett, LPT

520 S. 19th St.

Philadelphia, PA , 19146

Phone: 215-731-1449

Rehab Specialists?

If you are in a sport or activity that requires a specialized knowledge and care, I would recommend doing some research in your area to find a physical therapist that best fits your needs. Often this can be accomplished by contacting local professional or collegiate teams to see who cares for their athletes. For dancers, it is best to contact some of the local professional dance companies or schools. Your personal physician or orthopaedic surgeon can also help steer you in the right direction.

Missing Ingredients

Time after time I have found that physical therapy and rehabilitation is usually the missing ingredient on the road to full recovery and peak performance after an injury or ailment strikes. Don’t let this happen to you. See a physical therapist or athletic trainer and maximize your recovery

Incomplete Rehab Syndrime

Quite often after an injury or surgery, athletes and active individuals do not return to their preinjury or presurgical level of functioning. In my experience, this is not because the injury has not healed, or that the surgery was not done properly but usually because the athlete has not maximized their rehabilitation effort. This is so common that we call it “Incomplete Rehabilitation Syndrome”. What is usually needed is a good course of physical therapy and rehabilitation and should include not only the injured or recovering body part but also a close look at the entire body to assure that other areas have not gotten into difficulty during the down time (or perhaps were not up to par even prior to the injury). For example, after a serious ankle sprain or knee injury the athlete may have also gotten out of shape from a cardiovascular and strength standpoint. Or after certain knee injuries, weakness can be identified in the pelvis, hip and calf area. Those of us who work with professional and Olympic caliber athletes know that there are creative ways to safely keep an athletes fit while their injury heals.

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