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Boomeritis® is my term for recognition of the wear, tear, vulnerabilities and injuries that most of us have or will develop with our musculoskeletal system, our frame.

I coined the term Boomeritis as a response to several observations in my personal and professional life and have developed educational seminars and programs to prevent many of these issues that too many of us face. I have always been committed to exercise and fitness and I workout regularly. I began to notice that I could not go to the gym without several people coming up to me to ask questions about their aches and pains. I found the same questions about the same ailments being asked over and over. That is one of the down sides to being a pretty well known, reasonably accessible, sports medicine specialist and orthopaedic surgeon. Around the same time, in my private practice I was seeing a tremendous increase in musculoskeletal symptoms, ailments and injuries in active individuals. Most, but not all of the afflicted, both at the gym and office, were like me, born between the years 1946 and 1964 and were baby boomers.

I began to use the word “Boomeritis” with these patients, fellow exercisers and the media to describe the tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, and most importantly, “Fix-Me-Itis” that I was seeing on a regular basis and the term stuck. A new epidemic was born. TV, radio, print and internet covered “Boomeritis” extensively and I believe it is here to stay.

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