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“A rub rub here, a rub rub there
whether you’re tin or bronze
that’s how we keep you in repair
in the merry old land of Oz .”
The Tin Man (from the Wizard of Oz)

Everyone needs to be pampered. This is even more true in our high stressed, hustle bustle world. We are constantly burning the candles at both ends until we are scorched. Even then, we don’t want to heal the wounds, we just want more candles. Work, family, volunteerism all find a way to tug at you till time seems to evaporate. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. All this takes its toll which is why one needs to find a way to step back and smell the roses.

If you are like me, you rarely stop to re-charge. Big mistake. When I do get my rare massage, usually when traveling, I am invigorated, energized and I wonder why I don’t make this a habit.

There are so many wonderful new and old opportunities for the “spa experience” in your hometown or on the road. It can even come to your home or office. Although the word spa originated from the name of the famous mineral springs in Spa, Belgium, it has grown to encompass so many more things. Massage, facial, thermal baths, herbal wraps, aromatherapy are just the beginning. Each offers benefits to you and relaxation is pretty much guaranteed.

The spa experience has expanded tremendously in the past few years to include even more comprehensive health and healing options including educating and motivating you to take better care of yourself. The end result is a new you, better prepared to jump back on the treadmill into the real world.

To learn more, pick up an issue of SPA Magazine or check out their website It’s a great health resource and I find it relaxing just turning the pages, looking at the beautiful photos and contemplating my own escape options.


Find a way to put a little pamper in your life.

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