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Exercise is important for everyone and should be the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. A proper exercise program should be well balanced and include three key areas: cardiovascular or aerobic exercise; strength training; flexibility. Your program should be designed with “FITT” in mind: Frequency (how often); Intensity (how hard); Time (how long); Type (which activity).

I look at “Exercise as a Medicine” that should be prescribed for all patients i.e., an “Exercise Prescription”. In it, we outline or modify an exercise program for each individual based on his or her needs, interests, level of physical conditioning and past or present injuries or other medical conditions. Click here to learn more about the “Exercise is Medicine” philosophy.

Individuals with certain orthopaedic and medical problems usually need to have their program significantly modified, and closely monitored. The Orthopaedic Exercise Prescription is very unique and must be individualized. It combines the principles of traditional exercise prescription with scientifically based injury rehabilitation concepts to safely activate the large segment of our population with musculoskeletal ailments.

We will be regularly adding more and more information about exercise and fitness. To learn more, check out some of my favorite “Exer-Sites”:

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