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Endorsements & Testimonials

What’s being said about Dr. Nick DiNubile and the FrameWork Program:

“It’s a must read for anyone who cares about his or her body, and wants it to last.” Arnold Schwarzenegger Governor of California

“During my 21-year major league career it was amazing to see the advances in training and medicine from the time I first made it to the big leagues in 1981 to the time I retired in 2001. Dr. DiNubile’s book is a striking example of that and how a firm understanding of your body and how best to keep it in shape can enhance every part of your life. Having gone through my share of injuries from bumps and bruises to a herniated disk, I wish that resources like FrameWork were available to me throughout my career.” Cal Ripken, Jr. Baseball’s all-time “Iron Man,” two-time AL MVP, nineteen-time All-Star (including two-time All-Star Game MVP), two-time Golden Glove recipient, longest consecutive-games-played streak in baseball history (2,632 games)

“Dr. DiNubile’s FrameWork program and philosophy is simply the future of all health and wellness” David Caruso, CSI Miami, and Chairman and CEO,

“Over the years, Dr. Nick has helped keep me in one piece-and that’s no easy job!” Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers, NBA MVP, three-time scoring leader, six-time All-Star (including two-time All-Star Game MVP), voted one of USA Today’s all-time toughest athletes

“Dr. DiNubile, a renowned orthopaedic surgeon, is a sports medicine specialist whose expertise in physical fitness parallels his leadership in the medical profession. As physician for both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Pennsylvania Ballet, Dr. DiNubile is the master of preventive medicine for the musculoskeletal system. His new book, FrameWork, clearly presents his comprehensive seven-step program for healthy muscles, bones, and joints that enhance your frame durability and enable you to live stronger longer. Dr. DiNubile’s highly effective approach for avoiding injuries and delaying degenerative problems is the missing knowledge/application link that those of us in the fitness field have been long awaiting. Without question, this well-researched and superbly written book represents the future of personal fitness, with a practical exercise plan that will definitely exceed your expectations, especially if you previously have tried other physical fitness or sports conditioning programs. I can think of no other book that I recommend more highly for exercisers and sports enthusiasts.” Wayne L. Westcott, PhD, CSCS Fitness research director, South Shore YMCA, Quincy, Massachusetts

“This is the owner’s manual that should have come with your body.” Dr. Neil Liebman Team Chiropractor, Philadelphia 76ers

“I have known Dr. DiNubile for many years and his reputation as a specialist in sports medicine is legendary. Now he has compiled into book form knowledge accumulated from many years of working with athletes, which should enable even the nonathlete to achieve total fitness.” Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH Founder, President, and CEO-The Cooper Aerobics Center

“FrameWork teaches you to understand and respect your body in so many ways. The result is a stronger, more resilient you. FrameWork is great prevention for your muscles, bones, and joints, and Dr. DiNubile is the master when it comes to keeping you going.” Keith Hernandez NY Mets World Series Championship Team; six-time NL All-Star and NL MVP; color commentator, MSG Network and Fox Sports Net

“The FrameWork plan is innovative, comprehensive, and smart. It’s something we all need, especially if you want to go the distance. Dr. DiNubile is a true innovator, and it has been an honor to serve with him on such important committees as the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports under the exceptional leadership of Governor Schwarzenegger.” Dr. Robert Goldman President emeritus, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and chairman, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

“Dr. Nick’s knowledge of the human frame is extraordinary, and his programs and care have kept dancers dancing for many, many years.” Roy Kaiser Artistic director, Pennsylvania Ballet

“The more wear and tear you have on your body, the more you need the FrameWork plan. FrameWork breaks it down so you don’t have to break down.” Steve Sabol President, NFL Films

“I was quite young when a knee injury changed my life. Dr. Nick helped me then, and he can help you now. FrameWork is great prevention at any age.” David Boreanaz Actor, Bones, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“FrameWork teaches you how to take optimal care of your body so you can enjoy both life and leisure more. For athletes, it’s essential for a long, healthy career.” Jay Sigel U.S. PGA and U.S. Amateur golf champion

“Dr. Nick is a great doctor. Not only an excellent surgeon but an understanding, feeling practitioner in all musculoskeletal-related concerns. As he says, since we are living longer, this aspect of health care has surpassed the common cold for frequency of treatment. I am fortunate enough to have had Dr. Nick repair one of my knees. Being a good example of just the kind of extended-wear person Dr. Nick is talking about, now I am even more grateful to get advice from one of the brightest (and nicest) guys in the field on how to keep my frame working for me. I, like a lot of us who have borrowed time from science, can only very strongly recommend his words to anyone and everyone interested in keeping their bones working to their best potential as we gracefully glide, run, skip, bat, pole-vault, hike, or bike into our happiest days.” William Hurt Academy Award-winning actor

“Nick is a leading physician who inspires and empowers his patients to get active to develop their bodies and enjoy their best health. Regardless of your starting point, his smart techniques and practical guidance can help you get to the next level quickly and safely, whether you’re new to fitness, need rehab advice, or simply want to improve your fitness or training techniques to live and feel better. He’s also a real standout in the orthopaedic field because of his leadership in “surgery as a last resort.” Nick’s known for teaching prevention; but when he’s helping you manage an injury, he’ll guide you through a wide range of less costly treatment options so you can recover quickly. A real bonus is his special expertise in fitness programming to help you strengthen your body’s “framework,” or musculoskeletal structure and functioning, so your body works more closely to how it is designed. The bottom line: Nick’s an expert you can trust to train with to improve your body and feel inspired and capable of moving better everyday!” Barbara Harris EVP/Editorial director, Active Lifestyle Group, Weider Publications, publishers of Shape and Fit Pregnancy

“What a wonderful book! Finally the individual can learn what he or she should do to make fitness a rewarding, lifelong experience. By decreasing the chances of injury while increasing the enjoyment of activity, FrameWork addresses the needs of the individual. No one who wants to exercise regularly should be without FrameWork.” Bob Anderson Author of the classic bestseller, Stretching

“FrameWork will give you the edge. It’s smart and effective and covers all the bases when it comes to longevity, durability, and performance.” Jeffrey Malumed, MD U.S. Ski Team physician member

“This easy-to-read book gives you the same practical advice that Dr. DiNubile gives his patients, and it works well for the couch potato, the pro athlete, and everyone in between.” Jeanie Subach, MA, RD, LDN Sports nutrition consultant, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia 76ers, and NovaCare Rehabilitation

“Dr. DiNubile’s FrameWork provides cutting edge information not only from a health and wellness standpoint but from an athletic performance aspect as well.” Gary Vitti Head trainer, LA Lakers

“Dr. Nick has the uncanny ability to understand the language of the human body. He knows how it speaks. In the movie industry and in sports, the body is invaluable as an instrument. Dr. Nick is invaluable at keeping that instrument tuned to perfection. He is a healer of the highest order.” M. Night Shyamalan The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village

“Dr. DiNubile has put into words and practice what the industry has only been thinking about. FrameWork is for anyone who realizes they need to function at 100% in their daily life. As you read FrameWork, the one question you will repeatedly ask yourself is, ‘Am I built and ready to go the distance of life?'” Ken Germano President, The American Council on Exercise

“Dr. Nick’s FrameWork is as vital to the body as Dr. Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking was to the mind. Read it. Believe it. Live it!” Pat Croce Best-selling author of I Feel Great and You Will Too! and Lead or Get Off the Pot!

“The future of personal fitness.” Wayne L. Westcott, PhD, CSCS Fitness Research Director, South Shore YMCA, Quincy, Massachusetts

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